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RANVAL2010 A hedonic model for predicting the market value of New Mexico ranches, 1996 -2010

L. Allen Torell
New Mexico Ranchland Values
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This webpage describes an Excel spreadsheet program that can be used to estimate the market value of a New Mexico ranch over the 1996 - 2010 period. The model estimates the value of New Mexico ranches based on the ranch characteristics you provide. Obviously the validity of the estimate will depend on the accuracy of the data provided. The regression or hedonic model was estimated from 659 ranch sales negotiated between January 1996 and December 2010.

You can download the 2010 Excel spreadsheet model from the menu above. Use this model to estimate values over the 1996 - 2010 period. Links to older versions of the model are also provided.

Fundung for this reserarch was provided by the Agricultutal Experiment Station and the U.S. Forest Service. We appreicate the cooperation of Farm Credit Services of New Mexico for providing ranch sales data.

(New Mexico State University does not assume responsibility for the accuracy of the model output)